Do Competitors Use YTE® In The Same Way?

Some other supplement companies used to use YTE®. Some who stopped using YTE® completely are now claiming to use it again. My understanding is that they are using small amounts of YTE® again BUT there are some very important and disturbing aspects to their production.

1. They previously used "generic young tissue extract" which is meaningless. Any company that uses or used that loses all credibility, in my opinion. You need genuine YTE® for effectiveness and value for money.

2. If they are now using genuine YTE®, they do not disclose how much YTE® is used. If they were using the full clinical dose amount, they would say so. Not to disclose the quantity strongly implies it is a very small amount. You need the clinical dose for effectiveness and value for money.

3. There is no indication as to how fresh the ingredients are. We manufacture in small batches and use the freshest ingredients, all supported with Certificates of Analysis and third party testing. For example, we've reserved the next batches of YTE® which are still in production - that's how fresh our products are! This is better for you.

4. Some supplement companies use Shark Cartilage. For why this is a bad idea, you can read my book "The Truth About YTE And Amino Acid Supplements" or carry out your own detailed research. Using and digesting Shark Cartilage is very bad news for human and planetary health. My book is detailed here:

We know YTE® is a very expensive active ingredient. Maybe that’s why it’s no longer included by other supplement companies. At. All.

 But it’s so essential.

For example, a study reports that nearly two-thirds of adults (61%) aren’t getting enough time to “switch off”, leading to stress, tiredness and even depression. 

Psychologist Linda Papadopoulos who assisted with the study, said, “Finding time to simply indulge yourself, whether that be watching a movie or even taking a nap, is really important to destress and energise.”

To feel relaxed, the research says we need 20 hours per week of “downtime” – but one in seven of us report we don’t get any time at all. Among those who don’t have those 20 hours of personal “time off” each week, apparently more than a third felt more tired, 33% feel more stressed, 22% are burnt out and 14% are depressed.

Why is it vital to find solutions to dealing with excess cortisol produced by chronic stress? Because it’s cortisol which is proven to create long term damage to the body. YTE® reduces cortisol, the stress hormone.

Excessive and continuous production of cortisol and chronic stress in the body go hand in hand – that’s why it’s known as the “stress hormone”. Management of cortisol results in a significantly greater feeling of well-being for both men and women.

YTE® plays an important role in regulating and normalizing two important hormones, testosterone and cortisol. We know that the production of testosterone in the body plays a vital role in increasing sexual health and desire, energy and stamina.

YTE® has been used successfully as a nutritional supplement for many years.

In 1943, Dr John-Ralston Davidson presented at the Third International Cancer Conference regarding YTE®. He had discovered more than a decade earlier that an injected extract from fertilized, incubated chicken eggs could be helpful for cancer patients. Dr Davidson was former Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg.

After Dr Davidson’s death shortly after the Third International Cancer Conference, his work and research on YTE® ended until decades later.

Dr Bjodne Eskeland and Nils Christensen Mortensen of Norway, both with a Master’s Degree in Science, in the 1990s hypothesized that incubated and fertilised eggs contained a special protein that could help increase and enhance the human body’s natural testosterone production

Together they developed the procedure to extract this special protein from fertilised eggs. Once the procedure was perfected, the extract was extensively tested on human subjects, with positive results.

YTE® is from fertilised hen eggs that are incubated until they reach the pre-embryonic stage at exactly 9 days. Importantly, these are from organic, free range Norwegian and USA chickens: both of our farms in Norway and the USA are salmonella free. 

At this 9th day, the activated biological substances show highly favorable metabolic properties. Using a patented process, all the core nutrients from the egg white are extracted and this is called PreEmbryonic Stage Extract (PESE).

The powerful protein nutrient fractions are extracted at a precise point in development when the key nutrients reach their peak concentration, containing a natural combination of nutrients including amino acids, glycopeptides and oligopeptides.

It’s important to understand that once an egg is fertilised, a huge amount of cellular growth is supported by the development of a high concentration of nutrients. 

A 12-week, double-blind, placebo-controlled study investigated the effects of the fertilized egg powder YTE®.

This clinical trial reported by the renowned National Center for Biotechnology Information in the "Journal of Medicinal Food" concludes that YTE® elevates 17-ketosteroid levels in the adrenal glands, which decreases stress-related hormones such as cortisol.

It is well known that amino acids are essential to good health. A number of other supplements imply they use YTE® but more than 10m customers are buying supplements believing they contain YTE® but they don’t at all.

No other supplements contain YTE® at the real dose with the right combination of ingredients, except AminoBoosters andAminoPure/AminoPure+.

Competitor supplements are many times more expensive and do not contain genuine YTE® at all.

As detailed above, some supplements even contain shark cartilage with all the dangers that represents. Here at Get Your Boom! Back we will NEVER use shark cartilage. We will NEVER use dangerous, poor quality ingredients and certainly not from threatened species. We will NEVER manufacture in China, as many supplement companies do.

We ALWAYS use top quality, genuine ingredients at the right dose, manufactured to strict guidelines.

But we don’t need the inflated profit margins of MLMs and big pharmaceutical companies. So you get far better value for money.

That’s why so many people are changing from other supplements to AminoBoosters

We know that AminoBoosters and AminoPure have a big impact on reducing cortisol and inflammation. YTE®, the hero ingredient in both AminoBoosters and AminoPure, is clinically proven to reduce cortisol.

Around the world, millions of people believe they are taking YTE® - but very few actually are. That’s why so many people are moving from other supplements to Get Your Boom! Back.

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