How to get and use your affiliate commissions

How To Use Your Affiliate Commissions:

"I have an enquiry about how I can use my commissions. How can I apply my "commissions due" when I place new orders?"

Your commissions are paid every month to your Paypal account, then you can use the money in your account as you wish.

We pay commissions by Paypal.

How To Get Affiliate Commissions:

There are 4 ways you can be sure of having affiliate commission attribute to you:

1. Share your affiliate link - when someone clicks on it, they are tracked to you into the future too

2. Enter an email address into your Affiliate Leads Back Office Section here - where it says, “Manage Leads”, and future sales are attributed to you

3. Place the order for someone using your account and their shipping address

4. And - as a last resort - message us online - - with any emails you want attributed to you.


We can personalize your affiliate link to end in "your name" instead of the numbers/letters if you like? Let me know if you'd like us to do this.

You can place your orders through your own affiliate link when you sign up to become an affiliate.

Remember, it's completely free and there's no obligation. Either sign up at a link which someone has already shared with you or here:

Orders placed through your affiliate link earn you commission - including your own orders, which earn you a rebate!

Affiliates who join through your affiliate link and then get sales through their affiliate links also earn you commission.


If you're not currently registered as a customer or an affiliate, here are the steps to take:

  • Create a customer store account here or through your affiliate link
  • Create an affiliate account here or through your affiliate link and clicking on “Become An Affiliate” on the homepage which takes you here

You get discounts on larger quantities of AminoBoosters - click on PRODUCTS on the website to see all the options.

When someone clicks on your link and registers either as a lead (just asking for information), a customer (purchasing from the site) or an affiliate (signing up as an affiliate) you will see them in your "leads" section of your affiliate back office:

You will also get an email about signups and sales - and see your commissions here:

To place an order for someone, instead of them doing it themselves, you can either open a customer store account here (by first clicking on your own affiliate link to go to the website)
OR you can order through your own customer store account and put in the other person's own name and address when you get to the Shipping part of the order, as a new shipping address.

To tell people more about Get Your Boom! Back, you can

  1. Share your affiliate link by email, text/SMS or on social media eg your Facebook page
  2. Display product and leaflets
  3. Use images with your affiliate links (already inside your affiliate dashboard and post on your website, social media, email or text message to people. In addition to the images in your Affiliate account, here are some additional images:
  4. You can help a friend, customer or client to order from you: take the money then place the order on the same day through your Boom affiliate link*
  5. When you’re confident of turning over enough product to become a wholesaler, you can place your first wholesale order with us*
  6. You can also recommend the wholesale option to other health professionals including doctors, dentists, chiropractors, healers, health stores, energy workers, life coaches, medical centres, meditation centres, naturopaths, nutritionists, osteopaths, pilates centres, pharmacies, physiotherapists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, yogis and yoga centres…*


If you're thinking about wholesaling AminoBoosters and AminoPure, get in touch with us for a chat. Our phone numbers are at the foot of the website.

We supply all over the world and have grown through word of mouth. That's how you know these are the best products on the planet!

Before you start wholesaling, we recommend you first become an affiliate.

When you want to start wholesaling, there's more information here about wholesaling: 

You can always get in touch by phoning us or clicking on Contact Us here and we'll be very happy to help you more.

Best regards and all blessings,


Angela Wright MBE

Cofounder, Get Your Boom! Back

PS: Remember: to learn more, click here and if you have any questions, get in touch here:


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