Does Laminine contain YTE®?

Laminine does not contain ANY YTE®. They did originally but do not now. They have changed their marketing to say they include "fertilised avian egg extract" from the USA. This means it is from a fertilised bird's egg. It is not incubated and not YTE®. 

In contrast, here at Get Your Boom! Back we use ONLY genuine ingredients at the right dose. We use  pure  YTE® manufactured in both the USA and Norway (which Laminine used to use). YTE® is avian incubated fertilised egg including PESE - Proto Embryonic Stage Extract. Only YTE® is trademarked and patented to include fertilised INCUBATED egg extract, with the unique extraction system at exactly the right time on the 9th day. NO other product is the same as this. 

Anyone can say their product includes "young tissue extract" or "youth tissue extract" because these are descriptive words and cannot be trademarked. These terms are meaningless.

Norway and the USA have salmonella free status for all eggs used to produce YTE®. Our Cofounder Angela Wright personally visited Med-Eq, the manufacturers, in Norway to satisfy herself as to their status, the quality of the hens' conditions (Angela is a farmer's daughter :)) and the integrity of the production facilities. Angela and David Wright (Get Your Boom! Back's Managing Director) are in regular contact with the owners and key team at Med-Eq, now Immitec. With a farming background and vegeo (high health) commitment, Angela wanted to ensure the welfare of the hens involved. She discoverd that YTE® is made from free range, organically farmed hens who run with roosters ( cockerals ) at a rate of 10 hens to one rooster. They are farmed in the wholesome Norwegian countryside, where the farms are surrounded by pristine forests. It is also important to know that Norway is one of the very few countries in the world with salmonella-free status of all eggs produced. Berg Imports, LLC in the USA have also gained salmonella-free status and produce some of the YTE® used in our products. You will find it helpful to take a look at this information here:

Here at Get Your Boom! Back we are committed to
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Get Your Boom! Back is NOT an MLM company and never will be. We do have a ground-breaking Affiliate Program which is upsetting a lot of MLM companies because it is honest, fair, free to join and easy to use. We created this because so many people have financial worries, which affects their health. The best form of sales is recommendations - and we would rather reward customers who mention us to others than pay Google or Facebook. Affiliates get rebate on their own purchases plus commission on all sales from people they recommend it to or even just mention it too. The Get Your Boom! Back state of the art Affiliate system tracks all purchases - for life. We pay commission for the life of all sales. With no qualifiers, no need to purchase, no legs or downlines or other MLM shenanigans. Customers can always buy at the best prices from Affiliates. More information here: Customers do not have to be affiliates and can choose to buy direct from us at We also supply wholesale to a number of health professionals and retailers who supply direct if you do not want to buy online. Contact us for more information. 

A number of Doctors recommend YTE® - most recently Dr Christopher Hertzog who is a British Medical Doctor and Anti Aging Specialist. 

Dr Hertzong has just published this book - which he has called "Laminine YTE" because that's what most people think of as "YTE" - NOT because Laminine contains YTE®. He confirms that it does not.

Angela Wright was delighted that Dr Hertzog consulted with her prior to the publication of his book and was kind enough to cite her in it. You can buy Dr Hertzog's book on Amazon here:
and here

This is a well written book. We recommend you buy it.

In this book, Dr Hertzog categorically says about YTE®:

"There is just such a vast amount of evidence it is impossible to support suggestions this product does not work."

and, talking about retailers,

"... however they did patent a version of what was developed in Norway and decided to market it on an MLM basis (Multi Level Marketing) which is in essence a revised and legal form of the earlier pyramid selling scheme..."

and, "Remember that if you are buying through MLM the reward structure has to be paid for, which does not go towards the actual cost or quality of the product... as most sales have hitherto been promoted via MLM, it is only now in the light of increased research and reviews, that purer forms are becoming available..."

and, "How do I know that what I am being offered is the genuine article? This is a very real problem...Does it contain fertilised incubated avian egg extract? If not, don't waste your money buying it!

and, "... (YTE) provides a great number of benefits described in this book, which in total can only have a beneficial effect on aging and a healthier lifestyle." 

and, talking about the history of YTE®, "...Dr Davidson began using his new found extract on human cancer patients straight away with good results. Later on, when the process was further developed in Norway... human subjects were again used, with often spectacular results. It must be emphasised yet again, that such tests could only be valid if carried out with an extract obtained at the correct stage of development with an avian incubated fertilised egg - PESE - Proto Embryonic Stage Extract, harvested at Day 9... If the fertilised egg is NOT incubated the results will be meaningless, as the correct extract is not being employed (see comments in reports by Angela Wright MBE and Med-Eq themselves in Norway.)"

and, "...As more publicity is given to this product (YTE®)... more and more of the population will benefit from a remarkable scientific breakthrough....As a stem cell enhancer it can only do good. These cells die off and are reduced in number as we age, and to find a product that can restore the balance to the level found in earlier years, can surely only be beneficial...If in addition we can regain strength in our weakening muscles and feel less depressed and have a better sex life, surely it is worth going for?!"


Laminine do not officially claim their supplement can regenerate, cure or treat conditions. To make such claims is illegal for a dietary supplement. That is why we cannot make health claims for our supplements either. You are advised to carry out your own research and make your own judgement. You don't have to take our word for it - you can see what numerous other customers.

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