Why Your Libido And Sexual Health Are So Important

Clinical trials on YTE® demonstrate a pronounced impact on libido and sexual desire. This is important as the libido is a good indicator of overall health.

YTE® Sexual Desire / Libido Enhancement Study

In 1997 a study was published to The Journal of International Medical Research through Cambridge Medical Publications. The study looked at how YTE® could increase male libido and the results from this double blind cross over, placebo controlled experiments were very conclusive.

Over periods as short as 2 weeks 58% of participants with low sex drive noticed improvements. Data showed a significant increase in the frequency of intercourse, increased self esteem, increased level happiness as well as stamina. In a separate Swedish study 84% of men reported increased sexual desire.

This study can be read on this link:

Sexual Desire Study in Men

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”A randomized placebo-controlled study of”Libido” (YTE) on sexual lust in middle-aged, healthy men” 1992

Investigator: Erling Thom PhD. Oslo, Norway

Participants: n= 16 healthy male volunteers between 47 and 60 years (average 52.5) with reduced sexual lust. Average weight 84 kg, height 181 cm, BMI 25.6

Results: Participants had a significantly higher score on VAS scale at the end of 2nd and 3rd week during Active period vs Placebo period.

Comments: Study reported as study 1 in published article (4) 6. “A randomized placebo-controlled study of “Libido” (YTE) on sexual desire in healthy middle-aged men” 1993 Investigators: Dr. KO Svendsen, Dr. Einar Christiansen. Statistics: Erling Thom PhD. Oslo, Norway

Participants: n=31 healthy male volunteers between 38 and 65 years (average 50.9) 

Design: Two groups receiving alternating active-placebo or placebo active for 6 periods of 2 weeks (3x2 weeks of active and 3x2 weeks of placebo = 12 weeks) Parameters: Visual analogue score self-assessment at end of every week of improvement of sexual lust. Lab tests of testosterone levels in n=11.

Results: There is a tendency of higher scores in active periods than in placebo periods, but the difference is not significant. 40 – 50 % of the study subjects have no effect. Testosterone levels increased by on average 25 % during the study period, but were well within normal testosterone levels in a healthy population. Comments: Study reported as study 2 in published article (4)

“The Swedish Study”

Investigator: Bjødne Eskeland PhD. Statistics: Erling Thom PhD.

Participants: n=31 male volunteers. No data on age available.

Design: This was an open, uncontrolled marketing study in healthy volunteers recruited through ads throughout Sweden. The study was performed without medical supervision. All participants took active substance over 3 weeks. Parameters: 5 point scale of increase in sexual desire - self-assessment.

Results: 54.9 % reported definite and very pronounced increase, while 16.1% reported no increase. Comments: Study reported as Swedish study in published article.

Sexual Desire in Men: Effects of Oral Ingestion of a Product Derived from Fertilized Eggs.

Authors: B Eskeland, E Thom, KOB Svendsen.

Published in the J. of International Med. Research This is an article summarizing the 3 studies referred to above. 9. The Effect of “Libido” (YTE) on decreased sexual Desire associated with Anti-Depressant Medication. 1996/97 Investigator: Dr. Kjell Törnblom, University of Denver, Colorado Participants: 11 persons taking anti-depressant medication and having experienced reduced sexual lust in connection with this. 8 persons -5 male and 3 female – completed the study. Age of male participants are 29 – 67 years, females 26 – 39 years. Dose: 2 x 6 tablets of 420 mg unprocessed material (5 g) corresponding to a daily dose of 2.8 g of YTE™. Design: Single blind, placebo-controlled study over 6 weeks. Initially, 3 weeks of active -followed by 3 weeks of placebo. Parameters: a. Derogatis Affects Balance Score (DABS) - self-assessment at start-up, after 3 weeks and after 6 weeks. b. 9-point Likert scale assessing sexual lust and behavior at same times + after 2 and 5 weeks.

Results: Statistically significant improvements in Intensity of sexual desire, Frequency of sexual desire, energy, and confidence and self esteem.

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