How to know if you are deficient in vitamins or minerals?

According to a report by the European Commission into nutrient intake in European Union Member States,

"...for almost all vitamins, minerals and trace elements, there exist one or more population groups with intakes below nationally recommended levels." People thought to be particularly at risk included: women; adolescents or children (particularly "picky" ones); the elderly; women during the periconceptional period; people on a diet for losing weight; people on vegetarian diets; people having allergies to foods; persons eating a high proportion of "fast foods" or "junk foods" and others.

"The nutrients found to be most often deficient included iron, iodine and vitamins B2, B6 and D; and this despite the fact that in many cases, with the exception of iodine, they were already being added to some foods as mandatory fortificants.

"Independent studies show that the nutrient content of our food has fallen substantially over the past few decades, as well as an abundance of knowledge and scientific data on vitamins and nutrition that has been available for decades."

There are many reports globally on the fact that most people are deficient in vitamins and minerals. You need to be sure you are taking premium quality activated vitamins and chelated minerals, so your body can absorb them.

The ginkgo biloba in AminoBoosters is usually noticeable immediately while the YTE in AminoBoosters and AminoPure can take a few days/weeks to have a noticeable effect. The overall formulas get great results. Be aware there may be something else "in your way" if you are not getting premium vitamins and minerals in your diet, from FLOBS food or premium supplements.

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