Can AminoBoosters Be Used For Specific Ailments?

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Important: By law, in many countries, dietary supplements are not allowed to make health or related claims. Yet medical and scientific experts now accept that what we eat has the biggest impact on our health.

We have to point out that Health Evolution products and services are not designed to diagnose, treat, heal or otherwise impact health issues. This information is provided for informational purposes.

Here at Health Evolution we are committed to providing revolutionary formulas with genuine ingredients at the right dose.

Numerous independent clinical trials and medical studies prove our brains and bodies cannot function correctly without the right fuel. Premium amino acids are the building blocks of the body.

Whether you are suffering from fatigue, inflammation or immunity problems, any acute or chronic conditions, look carefully at what you are eating and the supplements you are taking. You are likely to be deficient in some areas.

AminoBoosters is dietary supplements not medical drugs. 

You can see more about the science here:

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Important: AminoBoosters contains ginkgo biloba which is not recommended if you are taking blood thinning or epilepsy medication and is not recommended when breastfeeding or pregnant. Ginkgo biloba cannot be imported in Norway as that country views it as a pharmaceutical drug. More information here: If any of these instances apply to you, instead, use AminoB12

AminoBoosters contain genuine Norwegian YTE® at the right dose - the only source of all 23 amino acids in one synergistic natural ingredient.

AminoBoosters is the strongest sources of YTE® available in our gently powerful proprietary formulas, designed for you to Get Your Boom! Back.

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What else can help your health?

  • Drinking sufficient water
  • Cutting out sugar, gluten and processed foods
  • Eating more vegetables, nuts, seeds, good fats like coconut oil, olive oil and some fruits 
  • Choosing FLOBS food  whenever possible - Fresh, Local, Organic, Biodynamic, Seasonal
  • Growing your own when you can - herbs, salads, spinach, tomatoes all grow quickly and can be grown in tubs on your doorstep or windowsill, great to pick fresh right when you need them
  • Using Extra Virgin oils daily - olive, coconut, macadamia, hemp, avocado, pumpkin oils are all really good for most people
  • Fasting - even if just from early evening till the next morning, or for 24 hours once a week if you're able to - intermittent fasting is increasingly proven to help your body recover and stay younger
  • Taking a sauna regularly - ask us about the niacin flush and sauna protocol if you are interested
  • Having a therapeutic massage - just two reason why this is very helpful are: to move the lymphatic fluid and helping your liver
  • Taking care of your digestion - if you don't have good digestion, take steps to evacuate your bowels so they function properly and your food doesn't spend too long in your digestive tract
  • Doing a liver and gallbladder flush - ask us for more info you want to know more
  • Eating and drinking live food full of phytonutrients, prebiotics and probiotics - such as raw apple cider vinegar, live-cultured non-dairy yogurt, pickled or fermented vegetables or fruit like sauerkraut and kimchi, kombucha tea, water kefir, sourdough bread - and/or taking good supplements
  • Meditation and prayer, feeling gratitude and blessing other people
  • Taking care of your thoughts - practicing meditation and mindfulness allows us to learn to let go of problems and live in the now. Worrying can only take place when living in the past or the future - worrying about what has happened and might happen. Being present, it's impossible to worry.
  • Raising your body's bioresonance/vibration - being in nature, deep breathing and practicing the above lifestyle tips will help you with this
  • Avoiding alcohol for some days of the week or longer, to give your liver a rest
  • Taking good quality supplements like AminoBoosters, AminoPure+ and also vitamin and mineral supplements especially the B Vitamins, C, D, K2 and magnesium
  • Breathing deeply - in for 7 seconds, out for 11, hold the outbreathe for as long as possible - can also help enormously
  • Stopping watching/reading the news - on TV, YouTube, Facebook, printed news - remember, all these media are first of all designed to sell advertising space, which is why they focus on "bad news" as that's what prompts people to view. The world's not really full of bad news!
  • Avoiding negative people
  • Spending time in nature
  • Grounding - having your bare feet against the earth so you can absorb the resonance of our planet - standing on grass or walking on the sand at the beach for example
  • Absorbing more negative ions - being in nature especially forests, waterfalls, the beach, mountains and open countryside are all excellent
  • Going to bed before 10pm and getting up early
  • Establishing routine
  • Decluttering - your living space, workspace, inbox, messages, wardrobe... it all helps
  • Having a regular massage
  • Having a hug! 20 seconds of hugging increases feel-good chemicals in your body
  • Not sitting for long periods of time! Get up and move around regularly
  • Exercise - brisk walking for 45 minutes as often as you can, swimming, stretching, weight bearing exercise, even vigorous strenuous exercise for a few minutes a day can be enough to make a difference (click here to see this blog post for more info)
  • Raising your heart rate regularly
  • Seeing your health professional - your GP/medical Doctor, naturopath, nutritionist, chiropractor, osteopath...

Even more information here: and here:

Do try these approaches and we hope you feel better soon. Please note that we are not giving health advice - these are lifestyle tips which have helped many other people. If you are concerned about your health, always see your health professional.

Remember, AminoBoosters contains ginkgo biloba which is not recommended if you are taking blood thinning or epilepsy medication and is not recommended when breastfeeding or pregnant. Ginkgo biloba cannot be imported in Norway as that country views it as a pharmaceutical drug. More information here: If any of these instances apply to you, instead, use AminoPure+

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Results featured on this web site are atypical. As individuals differ, so will results. Health Evolution distributes products made with natural, genuine ingredients at the right dose. Always check with your doctor for risks associated with dietary supplements and your specific health conditions and/or allergies.

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Further information: dietary supplements are not medical drugs. Health Evolution products are designed to help you so you make the most of your life with more energy, better sleep and strength, more love.

It is not permitted to make health claims for dietary supplements in many parts of the world. This reminds us of Einstein's famous quotation, "Coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous". What we can say is that our products are specifically formulated to:

  • rebalance your chakras (your body's power centres)
  • realign your meridians (your body's energy pathways)
  • reawaken your pineal gland (which regulates your daily and seasonal circadian rhythms, the sleep-wake patterns that determine your hormone levels, stress levels and physical performance along with determining how you think and feel every day)
  • raise your personal energetic bioresonance which is necessary for your good health.

We recommend you carry out your own research. Sources of reliable information include:

We are committed to providing revolutionary formulas with genuine ingredients at the right dose - and always honest pricing. - click here: