“Are your products organic and do you use plastic?”

The genuine Norwegian YTE® we use is from organically farmed eggs but we are told the organic certification only applies to the eggs used in food production, not the eggs used for the production of YTE®, which is why we cannot claim organic status. Cofounder Angela Wright, who is a farmer’s daughter and a passionate advocate of organic production, personally visited Norway to check on the status of the chicken farm and the YTE® production. The hens and roosters (cockerels) are free range on farms surrounded by forest and Angela believes the organic production claims. 

Regarding plastic, we are working with our manufacturers to improve our packaging. Currently we use recyclable plastic bottles. Specifically, #2 HDPE - picked up by most curbside recycling programs, considered to be safe, with a low risk of leaching. It’s found mostly in milk and juice bottles, shampoo bottles, cereal box liners, etc. 

This #2 HDPE plastic is typically recycled into pens, recycling containers, picnic tables, lumber, benches, fencing, and detergent bottles, to name a few.. here’s a link about it: http://naturalsociety.com/recycling-symbols-numbers-plastic-bottles-meaning. We manufacture small batches using fresh ingredients so you can be certain your capsules are not sitting in poor quality plastic bottles for long periods of time. Of course you can decant into glass when you receive them. I hope this helps and thanks for your interest in this important topic. 

As a Humanity Plus business, we are striving towards 100% organic, sustainable, biodegradable in all aspects - we know we are ahead of many in this field and keep pushing to improve further. One example: we changed all of our AminoBoosters production to using rice bran flour instead of magnesium stearate as the flow agent. This took us over 12 months of working with our factories but we achieved it in the end! We’ll persevere with all other aspects too. That’s one of the reasons so many customers trust Health Evolution and are changing to us instead of other supplement companies. And, of course, because our products are so effective. Our philosophy: Life-changing Formulas With Genuine Ingredients At Clinical Therapeutic Dose - And Always Honest Pricing.