Making The Most Of Your AminoBoosters

What else can you do to help your health?

Rather than punishing yourself and thinking of all the things you're doing wrong, let's make more of what you're doing right.

Eating more of the right foods will mean you want to eat less of the wrong foods - and what you eat has a huge bearing on your health. So stock up on all the foods you know are good for you, eat those first, then see what you have room for and I bet you'll eat less sugar, starch and processed rubbish. Your body will thank you for it. Looking for help with eating healthily? Take the free 5 Day Clean Eating Challenge here.

Check out any supplements you've already bought. Throw out any out-of-date and keep the rest somewhere really handy, where you go every morning. If you've stopped taking your vitamins and minerals, start again! Some are so low in many people's diets that deficiency poses a public health risk.

Take premium supplements such as AminoBoosters.  It's essential to take premium vitamin and mineral supplements as your food is deficient. How to tell if your vitamins and minerals are worth taking? One way to make sure the ingredients in your vitamin/mineral supplement are right is to check these particular vitamins and minerals for quality:

  • B6 - don't use Pyridoxine HCL - instead use P-5-P 
  • Folate - don't use Folic Acid - instead use 5-MTHF
  • B12 - don't use Cyanocobalamin - instead use Methylcobalamin 
  • K - don't use Phylloquinone - instead use K2 
  • Magnesium - don't use Magnesium Oxide - instead use Magnesium Bis-Glycine Chelate
  • Zinc - don't use Zinc Sulfate - instead use Zinc Bis-Glycine Chelate

The ones you don't want to use (eg Pyridoxine HCL for B6) are cheap and are not properly absorbed by the body. The ones you do want to use (eg P-5-P version of B6) are activated vitamins/chelated minerals which means they can be properly absorbed by your body.

Why do some supplement companies use the other versions? Folic acid is $312/kilo. 5-MTHF is $14,000/kilo and much better absorbed. Make sure you get the right Folate.

More information on vitamins and minerals:

Often we have underlying emotional issues which have not been dealt with... as your good health returns and your energetic bioresonance rebalances, these emotions can come to the fore... but it's better to deal with any issues rather than burying them. Science now proves that DNA actually changes due to stress. Seeing a therapist, talking with a friend, having a hug or a massage along with exercise and of course good nutrition can all help significantly.

What else can help you? Here are some lifestyle tips for you:

  • Practicing meditation and mindfulness allows us to learn to let go of problems and live in the now. Worrying can only take place when living in the past or the future - worrying about what has happened and might happen. Being present, it's impossible to worry.
  • Breathing deeply - in for 7 seconds, out for 11 - can also help enormously
  • Cutting out sugar and processed foods
  • Eating more vegetables, nuts, seeds, good fats like coconut oil, olive oil and some fruits
  • Choosing organic whenever possible
  • Choosing Extra Virgin oils because your brain and body need good quality fats to operate well - olive, coconut, macadamia, hemp are all really good
  • Drinking more water - aiming for 2 litres a day - you can always flavour it with fruit juice or infuse fruit in the water to make it more interesting
  • Avoiding alcohol for some days of the week or longer, to give your liver a rest
  • Taking good quality supplements like AminoBoosters and also vitamin and mineral supplements especially Vitamins B12, C, D, K2 and magnesium. Make sure you use a premium multivitamin/mineral supplement - one way to know is if the B12 is Methylcobalamin not Cyanocobalamin
  • Have footbaths with or bathe in magnesium salts - or you can buy Ancient Minerals magnesium oil spray or similar
  • Stopping watching the news
  • Avoiding negative people
  • Spending time in nature
  • Grounding - having your bare feet against the earth so you can absorb the resonance of our planet - standing on grass or walking on the sand at the beach for example
  • Absorbing more negative ions from being in nature or using a negative ion device
  • Getting enough sleep - going to bed early and getting up early
  • Establishing routine especially at night time: get your chores completed early, prepare your bedroom with curtains drawn and bed made before bedtime, switch off all screens (computer, iPad, laptop, phone, tv) at least an hour before bed, put things ready for the morning, make sure the house is secure...and try to go to bed earlier than usual, at the same time every day, making it 5 minutes earlier each night and getting up 5 minutes earlier till it's working best for you
  • Decluttering
  • Seeing your health professional - your GP/medical Doctor, naturopath, nutritionist, chiropractor, osteopath...
  • Having a regular massage
  • Having at least one hug a day! A hug of 20 seconds or more is proven to increase your serotonin levels!
  • Walking, swimming or any kind of exercise preferably outside 
  • Raising your heart rate regularly

Do try these approaches and we hope you feel better soon. Please note that we are not giving health advice - these are lifestyle tips which have helped many other people. If you are concerned about your health, always see your health professional.

PS here's that healthy shopping list I promised you:

Above all else, look for FLOBS food: fresh, local, organic, biodynamic, seasonal. One out of those five is good - five out of five is perfect! Just enjoy what you can. Buying this way connects us to our reality, makes everything easier with fewer choices, fosters appreciation for our community.

  • Coconut everything - it's such a wonderful product: aminos (replacing soy sauce), cream, flour, icecream, oil, milk, sugar, water, actual live young coconuts...
  • Prebiotics and probiotics - as supplements or use Raw Apple Cider Vinegar, kombucha, kimchi, coconut yogurt...
  • Milk - almond, coconut, oat, macadamia, rice...
  • Bread - sourdough and gluten free
  • Gluten free flour
  • Beans and pulses - red kidney beans, aduki beans, lentils, chickpeas...
  • Nuts
  • - almonds
  • - walnuts
  • - cashew
  • - your favourites...
  • Vegan butter
  • Vegan frozen ready meals without wheat (gluten free)
  • Free range "happy" eggs
  • Herbs and spices especially
    • - parsley
    • - coriander/cilantro
    • - basil especially Holy basil
    • - chives
    • - cinnamon
    • - pepper - as many colours as you can find...
    • - salt - organic and natural eg Himalayan pink salt, Maldon sea salt...
  • Fruit
    •  - berries of all kind including strawberries, raspberries, blueberries ...
    • - bananas
    • - apples - lots of, red and green 
    • - mango
    • - pawpaw
    • - passion fruit 
    • - pineapple 
    • - coconut
    • - lemons
    • - limes
    • - oranges
  • Veggies - as many kinds of greens and different colours as you can find...
    • - avocado
    • - celery
    • - cucumber
    • - spinach
    • - cauliflower
    • - broccoli 
    • - carrots
    • - lettuce 
    • - tomatoes 
    • - aubergine
    • - onions, spring onions, garlic
    • - sweet potatoes
  • Different kinds of Water to drink - unless what you have on tap is perfectly fine and you like to flavour your own with different fruits and cordials
  • Organic/earth friendly cleaning materials

(Note, frozen fruit and vegetables, especially berries, are quick and easy to use, usually much cheaper and surprisingly good for you, when you can't get fresh)

Looking for help with eating healthily? Take the free 5 Day Clean Eating Challenge here.

Hope that's helpful for you


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